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Pasolite's digital makeover drove an 80% revenue increase and a 230% surge in active users.

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Pasolite specializes in manufacturing and trading high-quality LED lighting products that enhance aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and sustainability in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. The company is committed to innovation and excellence, providing tailored lighting solutions for diverse customer needs.


Retail & Commercial Lighting


Kilari Road, Bengaluru

Company size

<100+ Doctors

What we did


To address Pasolite’s comprehensive issues, the project began with a detailed UX audit to pinpoint specific areas needing improvement by comparing Pasolite’s user experience with other top-tier e-commerce platforms in the lighting industry.


The collaboration between Pasolite and the development team resulted in a modern, user-friendly e-commerce platform that not only reclaimed the lost user base but also significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction. The success of the redesign project is evidenced by the substantial increase in active users, higher conversion rates, and improved customer ratings.

Future Directions

Pasolite envisions a future where its online platform is a dynamic and engaging destination for customers seeking innovative lighting solutions. To achieve this, the company will focus on creating captivating content for its blog and social media channels, fostering a vibrant online community and attracting a wider audience.


Pasolite’s rebranding and e-commerce transformation underscore the importance of a well-executed design and user experience strategy in driving business growth and customer satisfaction. Leveraging advanced technologies and best practices in e-commerce, Pasolite successfully revitalized its online presence and achieved impressive business outcomes.

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