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Apparel Resources

Apparel Resources connects buyers and sellers in the apparel and textile industry on a single platform through its vast pool of contemporary, insightful, and compelling information.

UI/UX Design


Apparel Resources

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Apparel, Textile, and Fashion


B-32, South Extension, New Delhi

What we did


The project began with a comprehensive UX audit to identify key areas for improvement by comparing Apparel Resources’ user experience with other top-tier platforms in the apparel and textile industry. The goal was to enhance navigation, streamline content access, integrate an e-commerce platform, and manage magazine subscriptions efficiently.


The revamped digital platform significantly enhanced Apparel Resources’ position as a leading provider of industry news. The modern design and intuitive navigation led to increased user engagement, with readers spending more time on the site and interacting with content more frequently. Improved accessibility, both on desktop and mobile devices, ensured that critical information reached a wider audience across the industry.

Future Directions

Building on its recent success, Apparel Resources is committed to further innovation to maintain its leadership position. The company plans to expand platform features, broaden its global reach to serve a wider audience, and ensure the platform remains at the cutting edge through continuous updates. Apparel Resources is also investigating the potential of artificial intelligence to create personalized content experiences and drive even deeper user engagement.


Apparel Resources’ digital transformation underscores the importance of leveraging modern technologies and user-centric design to create impactful digital solutions. The project’s success highlights the value of strategic planning, robust development, and continuous support in delivering effective industry news platforms.

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