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AWS Cloud Migration Delivers 75% Cost Savings

Second Consult's new telemedicine platform revolutionized patient access to expert second opinions

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Second Consult

Second Consult is developed for patients seeking personalized, effective, and informed second opinions from expert doctors worldwide. The platform offers 24/7 tele-health solutions through audio-video consultations, connecting patients with specialists globally across various medical fields, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more.




Santa Monica, CA, United States

Company size

<100+ Doctors

What we did

Understanding the Challenge

econd Consult is designed for patients seeking personalized, effective, and informed second opinions from expert doctors worldwide.

Our client offers 24/7 simple, convenient, and hassle-free telehealth solutions through audio-video consultations with specialists around the globe. However, they faced significant challenges with their traditional data center setup. Despite using virtual machines, the company struggled with scalability, availability issues, and high infrastructure and licensing costs. These limitations hindered their ability to manage customer transactions during peak hours. In 2018, the company’s data center provider announced the closure of managed facilities in Europe, leaving the company only six months to find an alternative. Given our long-standing partnership since 2012, the client turned to Arokee for a solution, with cloud migration emerging as the optimal choice.

Our approach

In this second consultation project, Arokee undertook the migration of 125 applications from the client’s IBM data center environment to the AWS Cloud, utilizing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We developed a fully automated deployment platform, enabling developers to seamlessly move applications to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). This scalable container management service simplifies the process of running, stopping, and managing Open Liberty containers, an open-source version of IBM WebSphere previously used by the client. This AWS platform implementation led to a 62% reduction in infrastructure costs. Additionally, we automated updates for new project releases and changes in Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on AWS, eliminating the need for a dedicated software team and reducing operational costs by 50%.

Shift to AWS Cloud generates striking results

Arokee completed the client’s migration to AWS Cloud within six months, saving the company $220,000 annually on IBM WebSphere Application Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses. The migration’s success prompted the company to entrust us with migrating over 100 U.S. workloads to the AWS Cloud. The migration process, which previously took at least three weeks per application, was expedited to a rate of three applications per week. The company now enjoys fully automated deployment operations, significantly reducing operational burdens and enhancing efficiency.

overall savings
50 %
reduction in operational costs
0 %
reduction in infrastructure costs
0 %


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