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Revolutionizing Second-Hand Furniture Sales in Saudi Arabia Through a User-Centric Online Marketplace

UI/UX Design


Application Development


Mustadam is an online marketplace that enables sellers to list and sell their second-hand furniture in the Saudi Arabia region. The platform is designed to cater to individual sellers, local vendors, and buyers, offering a seamless and efficient selling and buying experience.


E-commerce, Furniture


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What we did


The project focused on building a user-friendly, scalable platform with robust e-commerce functionalities, seamless integration with ERP systems, and comprehensive dashboards for different user roles.


The launch of the new platform brought about a substantial enhancement in Mustadam’s operational capabilities and overall user experience. The intuitive interfaces and optimized workflows significantly boosted user engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, the integration of Odoo ERP streamlined data management and various operational processes, leading to increased efficiency.

Future Directions

Mustadam’s new platform has significantly boosted user engagement, operational efficiency, and market reach. The platform’s scalable architecture, bilingual support, and enhanced e-commerce functionalities have led to increased sales and a stronger position in the Saudi Arabian market.


Mustadam’s digital transformation underscores the importance of leveraging modern technologies and user-centric design to create impactful e-commerce solutions. The project’s success highlights the value of strategic planning, robust development, and continuous optimization in delivering effective online marketplaces.

Recent Work

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