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Abhyan’s innovative online learning platform provides high-quality educational content in multiple Indian languages, enabling the non-English speaking youth to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.

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Abhyan is an online learning platform designed to offer courses in digital marketing, stock investing, and other valuable skills in regional languages such as Hindi, Telugu, and Bengali. The platform aims to bridge the language gap in education, providing accessible learning opportunities for non-English speakers.


Online Education

What we did


The project focused on building a user-friendly, scalable, and secure online learning platform with multilingual support and robust integrations.


The launch of Abhyan’s platform revolutionized education accessibility for non-English speaking youth. By providing educational content in regional languages, the platform significantly broadened its reach, empowering a wider audience to access quality learning resources.

Future Directions

Abhyan’s vision for the future is one of continued growth and innovation. The platform aims to expand its offerings by adding a wider range of courses in additional regional languages, catering to the diverse linguistic landscape of India. This expansion will be complemented by the implementation of advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into user behavior, enabling data-driven optimizations for a more personalized and effective learning experience.


Abhyan’s project underscores the importance of leveraging modern technologies and multilingual support to create impactful online learning solutions. The success of the project highlights the value of strategic planning, robust development, and continuous optimization in delivering effective educational platforms.

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