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We help brands build
digital products and scale teams

With a perfect blend of talent, technology, innovation, and expertise, we deliver cutting-edge digital solutions that help Enterprise, B2B, B2C, and SaaS companies achieve their unique business goals.

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About Arokee

Believe. Innovate. Inspire.

Arokee is a group of curious and motivated technologists, dedicated to building excellent products that have a lasting impact on the world. A culture that fosters innovation and values a happy workplace.

Today we have a lot of experience and beautifully crafted digital products behind our backs, but we never stop experimenting and playing with new technologies. We bring the best talent together to understand users, challenge ideas, prototype and iterate products. We create digital products for entrepreneurs and brands to impact the way people experience the world.

What we Stand for

We embrace change

Evolution taught us that only those adaptable survive. We made this part of our culture: we are constantly looking for ways to innovate, feed our curiosity and not only accept change, but provoke it.

We are the best at what we do

We keep up with the latest technology, understand market trends and help you adapt your product where it truly matters. We know the drill. We’ve been doing this since 2016.

We think product-first

We focus on long-term success over short-term gains by delivering a great product and a delightful experience that users love.

We work as a team

The best results come when you have experts from different fields working towards a common goal. And that’s exactly what we do. With you. We’re all in this together.

We celebrate

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We’re sorry for Jack, but that’s not how things work around here. We celebrate all our big achievements or small wins, and yes, we totally make up reasons to start a party too.


Say hello to our Team!

Madhusudhan Dadipeneni

Founder & Director

Ramarao Pilaka

VP – Engineering

Sarath Gokul

Head of Sales & Biz Ops

Raghavendra S

VP – Products

Vivek Gupta

Principal Architect

Madhav Sharma

Technical Manager

Swetha Dadipeneni

Director – HR

Bhalamurugan R

Sr Project Manager

Priyank Jain

Technical Lead

Prasanna Chadaram

Principal SE

Shadab Ansari

UX Lead

David Gayler

Project Manager

Satish Pyla

Sr QA Engineer

Parimala G

Sr. Software Engineer

Sreekanya Cheluri

Sr. Software Engineer

Shashank Gunaga

Sr. Software Engineer

Vishal Gill

Technical Lead

Mounika K

Digital Marketing Manager

Konda Reddy M

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aslam Basha P

CMS specialist

Sachin Chauhan

Technical Lead

Pooja Verma

UI/UX Consultant

Harikrishna K

QA Engineer

Govardhan Reddy

Digital Marketing Executive

Sushma Chorlekar

Technical Lead

D R Karthik

Sr. Software Engineer

Ravindra Nath Bura

Software Engineer

Bhanu Tej Somineni

QA Engineer

Abhishek Kumar Singh

Technical Lead

Byrapu Prasanna

QA Engineer

Chittari Balaji Varma

QA Engineer

Sneha S Yardi

HR Manager

Shradha Singh

Software Engineer

T Karthik

Software Engineer

Manasa P

Software Engineer

Geetanjali C A

QA Lead

Lalit Kumar Tiwari

Software Engineer

Madhushree SD

Software Engineer

Y Srihari

Software Engineer

Chinmoy Kashyap

Project Manager

P Bhargava Ramudu

Software Engineer

Boda Roopa

Software Engineer

Vasanth Kumar B

Training Manager

Ramasani Asha latha

Sr. Software Engineer

Dharmavaram Yugandhar

Sr. Software Engineer

Karri Santosh kumar

Software Engineer

Chinmaya Prasad B S

Software Engineer

Kuldeep Shukla

Software Engineer

Elvin Rajkumar

Software Engineer

Anoop Reddy Vanteru

Software Engineer

Kothareddy Gari Thriveni

Software Engineer

Veena YG

Staffing Specialist

Ranjitha R

Talent Acquisition

Sany Elcy Mathew

Technical Recruiter

S Vijaya Kumar

Associate Software Engineer

Sanjeevkumar M Joshi

Technical Lead

Ashwathy P S

Lead Creative Designer

Debarathi Bagal

Graphic Designer

Sampath Kumar

UX Designer

Vijay C


Chinipi Reddy Vamsi Krishna

Software Engineer

Muhammad Shihad B H

Associate Software Engineer

Sandeep Bangalore

Associate Software Engineer

Mani M

Associate Software Engineer

Peddavanthala Manohar

Creative Director

Tejas T M

Associate Software Engineer


Here’s why companies love working with Arokee!

Arokee was instrumental in building a beautiful product for my business in coaching. Arokee team helped me right from the beginning in conceptualizing the product, the flow, the pages and features for customers. They demonstrated a customer centric approach and reflected detail and clarity in all their conversations and designs.  I enjoyed working with them and would recommend them to anyone looking to build a product.

Nitisha Agarwal
Founder/CEO, Vital Front

From a living room idea
to what we are today,

Our journey is an example of humble beginnings that
lead to unimpeded growth.

Join our
Awesome Team!

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Our Clients

We helped bold startups and product companies design and create apps that users love

With years of experience, we have developed the process, system and technologies that enable us to create high-quality, scalable web and mobility solutions.

Technology is our craft. Having 15 years of experience and our own successful consumer products help us truly understand our clients’ needs and how we can add the most value by providing expertise in the form of mobile design and tech teams.

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