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Second Consult is developed for patients seeking personalized, effective, and informed second opinions from our expert doctors worldwide.

24/7 simple, convenient, and hassle-free
tele-health solutions




PHP – Laravel, Angular, React Native


UI/UX Design, Mobile App, SEO

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A Brief

Second Consult is developed for patients seeking personalized, effective, and informed second opinions from our expert doctors worldwide. Experience our 24 * 7 simple, convenient, and hassle-free tele-health solutions through audio-video consulting from our specialists around the world.

Problem Statement

The client was in their initial stages of ideation when they approached us. Founders being from a non-tech background, we were the only partner they could find who was willing to travel with them and even talk to their diagnostic chain partners. The initial discussions happened over a 2 month period, where we were part of multiple interactions with the client radiologist partners and centers. We were able to capture the entire scope and business requirements as they were developing.

What we did?

The platform needed to be developed from scratch and is a complex mix of various integrations. The two-prong offerings included a video consultation web and mobile application along with a radiologist centre management unit.

Features include uploading medical reports for either doing second consulting for a patient or connecting diagnostic centres with a radiologist for providing inferences on scans. There are specific DICOM viewer formats to be followed and unique software integrations to make these work. Our team has delivered a quality version in a span of a few months and has been supporting software upgrades since 2018.

The exciting and challenging part of the project was to find out the tool that would work amazing for online video consultations. Our team did extensive research and scrutinizing before proposing RadSPA technology. Our team implemented RADSPA in double quick time to make the application go live and turn the product into revenue for our client.
We used technologies like Angular, React Native, and PHP for ensuring scalability and smooth performance of the platform. 

Our Digital Marketing services proved just an add-on for our clients in their start-up journey and we continue to assist them by generating traffic via blogs, social media marketing, and Meta title descriptions.

The Result

As a result, we created Mobile applications and Web applications. We are still working together, providing constant support in terms of technical, and customer support and also generating content for the website via; blogs, social media promotion, meta titles and descriptions, and so on

“Aside from their excellent technical capabilities and knowledge, their personalities shine through in everything they do. Working with them is always fun and collaborative. They take their job seriously, but still seem to enjoy what they do.”

Alex Hsaio, Director – MODWedding

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