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A leading retail & commercial lighting global manufacturer who brings out the essence of aesthetic indoor lighting.

Re-branding and e-commerce solution for Lighting Solutions provider.


Retail & Commercial Lighting


PHP, Bootstrap, React Native


UI/UX Design, Mobile App, DM

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A Brief

Pasolite manufactures and trades the best lighting products and solutions with a more attractive, more efficient and more sustainable result. Our knowledge, dedication and innovative vigour enable us to create the best LED lighting with application possibilities in every living and working environment.

We were approached by Pasolite to rebuild their brand identity, take their design to the next level, and produce a delightful e-commerce experience.

Why did pasolite decide to redesign the platform?

– Pasolite was last updated a couple of years ago.
– The number of users was significantly decreasing.
– We were getting poor reviews from clients and vendors about the website and the missing e-commerce work flow which led us to redesign the product.

What we did?

Our core objective was to reimagine the navigation and layout of their online shop, but we also helped Pasolite consider best-in class e-commerce practices and optimizations to the checkout flow with the aim of encouraging users to shop online and manage the orders.

We started off our engagement by orchestrating a UX audit — comparing Pasolite experience to other best-in class e-commerce experiences in their category. Our insights helped the Pasolite team prioritize which competitor features were the most relevant and valuable to their own audience and product goals.

Design Process

Keeping our goals in mind, we followed our 5 golden steps:

A brand beloved by our client and their customers, with a 30% uplift in sign-ups and nearly +50% in cart conversion rate to prove it.

The Result

As a result of our collaboration the client website was revamped with an enticing user interface and experience. The revenue was boosted by 80% YoY with a very strong online presence. We are still working together, providing constant support by generating content for the website via; blogs, social media promotion, meta titles and descriptions, and so on.

Every single screen of this whole product went through multiple revisions
But in the end, it was all worth it as we successfully got back our lost user base.

The redesign increased the active users by 230% and also improved the Star Rating from 2.4 to 4.4 on the google play store which is a huge success for us.

Case study

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