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Fansplan is a social media platform helping content creators to sell subscriptions, digital content, physical products, and crowd fund.

Social Media Networking Platform.


Social Media Platform


ReactJs, NodeJs, Express, Hello Sign, Stripe


Web Application, Support & Maintenance

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The Brief

This was an idea that was in its infancy and our client had a lot of questions around its implementation when they approached us. We brought in our experience of working with product companies that were in a similar position when we started working with them. We traveled through a number of ideation sessions with our client to finalize the scope for development.

We were approached by Fansplan to build a social media platform as their product and give life to their product with a delightful experience.

What we did?

Our expertise working with multiple retail chains came in handy for our client to have their systems set up for ecommerce in double quick time. We used React and Node to build  a system with features like Twitter and Facebook. Essentially an influencer on the platform can list their products and sell them to their fans. The feature set included:

  • Feed/Post Options
  • Like and Dislike Options
  • Replies
  • Chats which was built using by us
  • Payment Options
    • Through Chat
    • & Other integrations like Stripe

The system also had to have a dashboard that talks about the commissions and statistics about an influencer. These were simpler features and we sailed through with ease, pushed a first version out for our client on time as committed.

A brand beloved by our client and their customers, with a 30% uplift in sign-ups and nearly +50% in cart conversion rate to prove it.

The Result

We ran the project for close to about 12 months and later half of the execution included complex data uploads for documents and verification of the same. We also included digital signatures using Hellosign for easy signatures by the influencers on document exchange and leaderboards.

The client was delighted with the experience we created, we continue to support them in their aspiration to become someone like facebook as they say “the next big thing”.

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