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Become a part of a technology revolution working with us. We are a customer-oriented digital solutions provider. Ever since our inception, we have grown by leaps and bounds with the notable efforts of our workforce. We are an organization working with a purpose to make a change by providing equal growth opportunities to everyone.

Why i2GEN?

What Make Us
The Best Place to Work At

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Life @ i2GEN

We never miss out on any moments to celebrate our breakthrough by recognizing our people’s efforts and that is what makes us a good place to work.

What defines us

Building digital products with an agency requires an extreme attention to detail and an endless capacity for discovery. We move quickly, and work on multiple projects at a time. So, being organized and having a desire to constantly learn new industries, new processes, and new tools is core to our culture.

Helping each other grow

We support our colleagues in overcoming challenges and host internal educational events to boost our skills.

Work and life sync

We love our jobs and are passionate about other things outside of work that make life exciting.

Democratic leadership

Everyone’s voice is heard in our team, no matter the position and role. You’re welcome to introduce new ideas and be involved in our company’s development.

Zero bureaucracy

We strive to create a friendly and relaxed work environment. You can easily talk to C-level executives.

Employee Reviews

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Damini P
HR Manager

P: +91-9871287188


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