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We are looking for
Professional Photographer

We are looking for a passionate Photographer to capture photos that can be used on various platforms.

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Full Time

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3+ years

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Hi there!

We are looking for a passionate Photographer to capture photos that can be used on various platforms. The successful candidate will be able to achieve technical, qualitative and quantitative goals while meeting the project’s needs and deadlines. This includes Website, Creative photography, Fashion photography, and outdoor shoots.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Understanding requirements and developing the concept.
  • Capture the highest quality images for the required themes, products and websites.
  • Choosing the right equipment, settings and props based on the requirements/theme for the photoshoot.
  • Use and maintain modern and traditional technical equipment (cameras, lenses etc).
  • Capable to choose the right light sources both indoor and outdoor.
  • Guide in the constant improvement of photography quality and establish the visual style and presentation of visual content.
  • Arrange objects, scenes, lighting and background to adhere to specifications.
  • Able to direct participants.
  • Maintain archive of images.
  • An understanding of photographic best practices and procedures.
  • Capable of mentoring and training team members.


  • 3 ~ 5 Years of experience in photography.
  • Clarity in communication and ability to discuss concepts.
  • Hands-on experience in both indoor and outdoor photography.
  • Handling indoor and outdoor light conditions (natural and artificial lighting).
  • Ability to determine and use different photographic equipment.
  • Ability to understand the desired outcome of a project and bring them to life.
  • Ability to collaborate well with other creative professionals to create top-notch finalized images.
  • Proven professional shooting experience.
  • Eye-catching portfolio.
  • Proficient with traditional and modern equipment.
  • Ability to multitask and work toward several milestones on various projects simultaneously.
  • Competency in applying photographic best practices and techniques.

Additional Notes

  • Please provide your work portfolio
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