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Game Studio

Enabling gaming company to have a 360 view of events.

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Game Studio

Game Studio is India's top gaming studio- self-funded, profitable and acclaimed. Specializing in skill-based, casual mobile games for women audiences globally, NBS has self-published hits like 'Food Truck Chef' (LTR $16M, so far) and collaborated on AAA title with Nickelodeon on 'SpongeBob Krusty Kickoff' (LTR $36M, so far).



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Game Studio uses firebase as its tool to record the events from the mobile game. Swrve is another tool they use to measure the engagement and also deliver their ads to players. The more granular data is stored in their DB which they query to build reports on a weekly basis. Here are some of. Game Studio main requirements with what they want to build using their data

Get smart alerts when their players engage with the game. This could be alerted when a disengagement happens or when a spike of engagement also happens

They want to increase revenue by identifying the right players who would convert when offers on certain in-app purchases are shown to them

They want to identify spending players and social players in order to better target offers to them

They want a complete 360 view of the players


Game Studio creates their reports by manually querying the data from the DB. These reports take time and are reviewed once every two weeks.

This slows down their time from insight to action as it’s two weeks too late to take any actionable steps on the insights they’ve uncovered from the data. Their data is currently spread across multiple tools and it takes manual effort to verify the data quality. This also creates the challenge of not having a single source of truth for all their analysis. The mobile gaming space is a very dynamic vertical and players expect games to be immersive and engaging no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Days to generate a report

Low data quality


Smart Alerts

Game Studio created an account on syntactic and added their team to the platform. They then connected the sources to synctactic and began to add their first set of transformations on the data. A code engine was then added to the pipe that runs at a fixed schedule. This code engine contained the logic to trigger alerts when a particular event or event threshold is reached.

Behavioural Cohorts

The data sources which has the players’ game data and the Purchase data was added. A pipe was used to connect and join these data sources to get a view of what game behaviour positively correlates to in-app purchases This data was then exported to a .csv and connected to a notebook to perform the exploratory analysis. The resulting insights of what behaviour lead to higher in-app conversion was noted and published to the tech team to automate offers to such behaviours.

Social and Paying Cohorts

Data source that contains the referral data and also source links and the data source that contains the purchase data was connected to the project.

This data was pushed to a redshift warehouse to perform further analysis on using a visualisation tool and a jupyter notebook. The cohorts which were created lead to identifying players who are most likely to invite other players and certain referral campaigns was specifically directed to them.

Player 360

In order to understand players at an individual level, we would require one view that links all the player’s data and activity to that player. The client created a project for this and added all the data sources that have player data in them.

Using a primary identifier they joined all these data sources to provide a unified view of the all the player’s data.

This data was then further pushed into a warehouse. The client was then able to use sync discover’s search capabilities to search for a player id and it would display all the details of that specific player.


In this way all of Game Studio requirements which deal primarily with player segmentation, alerts and 360 views was accomplished easily on synctactic’s platform. All they needed to do was create projects for the specified requirement, add the data sources and use pipes to modify data and export data into a warehouse or other output files as required.

This greatly improved the efficiency and speed of data insights within the company and provided the flexibility to play with the data sources without spending too much time on setting up infrastructure and debugging data pipelines and connections.

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